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The 2011-12 Indiana girls basketball season is now underway with practices in full swing after yesterday’s official IHSAA start date.

This season should be full of great competition, and lots of unknowns pepper the plates of players, coaches, teams and conferences.

Which team will be the big surprise of the season? Which unknown player will put her team on the map? Which newcomers will give their teams that extra lift to get to the next level? Which veteran player will put her team on her back to go all the way? And for the first time in many years with no favorite, who will wear the No. 1 jersey in June when the Indiana All-Stars face Kentucky?

The beauty of the start of the season is that all of these questions are unanswered. The slate of every team has been wiped clean and anything is possible. Excitement abounds around the state as teams put all of their hard off-season work to the test.

New players, new coaches, new season. Bring. It. On.


HS News Digest for 10/25/11

High school basketball news of interest from around the state for Tuesday, October 25:

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