Direct access to the RRR on your mobile phone

Posted by RRR on November 2, 2015 | Page Views: 5,471

So you’re at a game and want to know what else is going on in the Indiana basketball world, so you whip out your iPhone, go to Safari and either type in the RRR domain name or pull it up on your bookmarks. It’s a tedious process, especially with popcorn salt on your fingers, and yikes! You just missed that awesome steal and layup by your favorite player. Grrr.

Well don’t let your salty fingers hold you back any longer. With one touch, you can get to the RRR website in an iPhone friendly format, hooking you up with all of the latest basketball info you need. Here’s how you do it. More…

Countdown to Tipoff!

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Make a donation to the “Hoosiers for Henryville” campaign

Posted by RRR on March 6, 2012 | Page Views: 5,826

I love that we are a wider community of individuals who care so much for the players, experiences and memories of the Hoosier girls game and basketball in general. As much as we love the game and all that is basketball, circumstances often remind us of the greater priorities in our lives and the lives of others. Read more…

HUGE changes on the horizon for NCAA D-I players, recruits & teams

Posted by RRR on October 27, 2011 | Page Views: 3,302

The NCAA announced some sweeping changes for D-I programs, players and recruiting rules beginning with the 2012-13 season. Most important to high school players will be the new academic eligibility requirements.

Read more…

Could GBB finals return to Conseco in 2013 & 2015?

Posted by RRR on June 6, 2011 | Page Views: 3,777

With the recent news that the Big Ten will be rotating both the men’s and women’s basketball championship tournaments between Indianapolis and Chicago for the next few years, it’s possible the IHSAA Girls Basketball State Championship finals could return to Conseco Fieldhouse in 2013 and 2015 — years when the B10 championships will be played in Chicago. More…