Can you feel it? It’s time.

Posted by RRR on Oct 25, 2010 at 8:52am | Page Views: 3,215

Can you feel it?

Popping out of bed on a Monday morning with purpose. The anticipation in the air… the spring in the step. An extra bag to carry to school with your lucky shoes, shorts and jersey. Giving that knowing look to the others with the same spring in their step as you pass each other in the hallway. Watching the clock while you sit through class as that second hand slowly ticks closer and closer to the final bell. Making your way to your locker as quick as you can to grab your things.

It’s time.

Can you hear it?

Metal doors opening and closing as you walk through the locker room door.  Excited giggles and chatter. Basketballs pounding in the distance. Gotta get going! Ankle brace. Check. Shoes laced tight. Check. Prewrap headband. Check. Heart pounding. Check.

It’s time.

Can you see it?

Walking down the dark hallway, the gym doors open up ahead to blazing lights. The gym floor gleams:  cut and stop, weave drill, sweat dripping, lungs bursting. The balls come off the rack:  power dribble, rip a rebound, turnover, steal it back, behind-the-back pass, loose ball, floor burn. The hoop dares: layups, missed bunnies, hook shots, back rim bricks, half court swishes. Sweet. The mind and body challenge: go faster, play smarter, be sharper, help defense, muscles screaming, don’t quit.

It’s time.

Can you believe it?

The whistle blows. First day under the belt. Anything’s possible.  This is my season.

It’s time.

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