Enter our 11-11-11 Challenge!

Posted by RRR on Nov 09, 2011 at 4:00am | Page Views: 10,537

On Friday evening — the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year — the following teams will be battling it out on 11 high school courts all around the state.

We challenge you to pick the winners! The entry with the most correct picks will win a Region Roundball Review sweatshirt (you pick the size) with our original slogan — “Basketball wasn’t born in Indiana, but it’s where the game was raised.”

Entries must be submitted by noon CDT (1:00 pm EDT) on 11/11/11 to qualify. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 14. Only one entry per person, please. You must submit a valid email address or we won’t have a way to contact you if you win. Good luck!

Results – (winner in bold)

Game Outcome %Correct
Game 1 4A #11t Mooresville 43 @ 4A #13 North Central (Indy) 57 34%
Game 2 4A #11t Columbus East 57 @ 3A #5t Rushville 35 47%
Game 3 1A #9 West Central 39 @ 1A #21 Morgan Township 37 94%
Game 4 81%
Game 5 31 86%
Game 6 91%
Game 7 86%
Game 8 41 44%
Game 9 35 100%
Game 10 41%
Game 11 84%




2 Responses to “Enter our 11-11-11 Challenge!”

  1. By RRR on Nov 12, 2011

    Well, I’m not sure if I picked a game (Game 2) that was originally scheduled for Saturday by mistake or if the game was postponed to Saturday after I made my picks; but we won’t have final results until tonight.

    Of the 32 entries, no one picked all winners, but 7 missed just one game. Tonight’s game could be a determining factor in the outcome because 6 of those 7 entries picked the same team to win tonight. If that team loses, then we will have a single winner. If that team wins, then we will be using the tie-breaker to determine our winner.

    Breakout so far (pretty good picking overall!):

    1 wrong – 7
    2 wrong – 10
    3 wrong – 7
    4 wrong – 5
    5 wrong – 2
    6 wrong – 1

  2. By RRR on Nov 12, 2011

    After reviewing the results again tonight (my error), it appears that we had at least one person with all correct picks — that is until tonight’s Game 2. So we ended up with two entries with just 1 wrong pick: one entry with a wrong pick for Game 5 and one entry with a wrong pick for tonight’s Game 2.

    Had to go to a tie breaker to determine the winner. It was unbelievably close.

    Game 7 – Prediction: 72-19 (margin 53 pts); Actual: 77-30 (margin 47 pts) – 53-47=6 pts
    Game 4 – Prediction: 62-47 (margin 15 pts); Actual: 77-64 (margin 13 pts) – 15-13=2 pts

    WINNER is prediction for Game 4. Congrats! I’m sure you’ve figured out who you are. If I get permission from the winner, HER name will be announced on Monday.

    Thanks to all of you who entered and we hope you enjoyed the challenge!


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