New RRR + Internet Explorer 6 = A Mess

Posted by RRR on Apr 08, 2010 at 10:12am | Page Views: 2,680

Update: For you IE6-ers, we’ve made some progress on the site layout. Still no answer for getting the pop-up menus to work, but you should be seeing a layout similar to the one at right now… at least on the home page!

It has just come to my attention that some of you (probably at work, since a lot of companies/school systems have not upgraded their browser platforms in years for various reasons) are viewing the new RRR site with Internet Explorer 6. If you are, this site looks like a holy mess and some of the navigation features aren’t working. It should look like the screen shot to the right.

I won’t go into a long explanation, but suffice it to say IE6 is the most hated browser of every web designer on the face of the planet.  There are even websites dedicated to its demise.

If you’re not sure which version you are using, on the main menu of your browser go to Help>About and the information on your version will be shown. The most recent version out is IE8 and that version (as well as IE7) will display all of the layout and navigation features of this site that you are supposed to see.

If you are on a personal computer using IE6, consider updating your IE browser or switching to the best browser ever made, Firefox. If you are at work and have no control over the selection of your browser platform, I am really sorry because you are missing out on some good lookin’ layout here. :-)

I will do my best to keep you IE6-ers in mind as I add new items to our menu. In most cases, if you click on any parent link of the main menu (instead of the pop-up child menu that is supposed to appear when you hover over those parent links, left), it will take you to a page that will let you navigate to the menu sub-items.

Ah, technology and progress… gotta love it.

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