Act of courage

Posted by RRR on January 13, 2011 | Page Views: 9,829

There are a lot of college coaches out there who talk the talk, but not too many who could have walked the walk that University of Indianapolis head coach LeAnn Freeland made this week. In a courageous move, the fourth-year Greyhounds coach released her team’s leading scorer, Samantha Meissel, from her program.  More…

Early signing period begins today

Posted by RRR on November 10, 2010 | Page Views: 3,770

There will be some excitement in the AD offices of high schools all around the state starting today, as the Class of 2011 begins putting pen to paper to make their college choices official.

We’re a bit behind on a BUNCH of commits. Blame my day job — the one that actually pays — for my failure to keep you all up to date with what we know.  Read more…

13 Rules, the birth of basketball

Posted by RRR on October 29, 2010 | Page Views: 4,599

Have a couple mil laying around for a really cool Christmas present? That’s what is expected as the minimum bid for the original 13 rules of basketball, devised by the father of basketball, James Naismith, on December 21, 1891.

The rules, first hung outside the gym at a Springfield YMCA in Massachusetts, go on the auction block on December 10 to raise money for the Naismith International Basketball Foundation.  Read more…

Is the non-scholastic fall evaluation period really necessary?

Posted by RRR on October 19, 2010 | Page Views: 8,942

After the summer evaluation period — when players, their families and college coaches zip from one end of the country to the other for three full weeks of exposure events in July — the NCAA allows a non-scholastic evaluation weekend in the Fall during the academic year.

This last evaluation period allows college coaches to get a final look at players on their recruiting lists against like competition before the high school season begins. But is it really necessary? More…

New IHSAA rule prohibits non-school, in-sport activites during the season

Posted by RRR on June 24, 2010 | Page Views: 4,865

On May 3, the IHSAA Board of Directors proposed and approved a variety of rule changes for the 2010-11 edition of the IHSAA By-Laws. One that will have a major impact on girls basketball is the prohibition of any type of “athletic activities, tryouts, auditions, practices and games held or sponsored by non-professional organizations or their representatives during the contest season.”